Vehicle Use

UW Vehicle Use Guidelines

  • Only state employees, authorized University of Wisconsin System students, and other authorized agents of the state may drive a state vehicle.
  • Non-state employees may ride in a vehicle only if authorized and on official state business. Any questions regarding this long-standing UW policy should contact John Burmaster or Aaron Nolan (Hasler Lab), and Amber Mrnak (TLS).
  • Use of a state vehicle must be for official state business only. Incidental use associated with state business is strictly limited.
  • State vehicles shall not be used for personal purposes.
  • Drivers and passengers must comply with all state laws. Drivers are personally responsible for paying all citations–you will not be reimbursed for violations of traffic laws.
  • Drivers are responsible for immediately reporting all accidents and any vehicle damage to state vehicles. Not reporting will jeopardize your right to drive.
  • All accidents and damage must be reported within 24 hours. Contact Aaron Nolan (Hasler Lab), John Vehrs, or
  • Amber Mrnak (TLS) for how to proceed. Failure to report accidents and damage will jeopardize the driver’s driving privileges.

Center for Limnology Guidelines

  • Sign out all vehicles before using.
  • If no vehicles are available for use, speak with Aaron Nolan (Hasler Lab) regarding possible UW Fleet or Dept. of Administration vehicle use. At the Hasler Lab, sign out a vehicle using the online reservation system. See the Online Vehicle Sign Out Instructions document below.
  • Drivers must be authorized for trailer use before using any trailers. Contact Aaron Nolan (Hasler Lab) or John Vehrs (TLS) regarding trailer use authorization.
  • Drivers should walk around the vehicle before use and note/report any damage to Aaron Nolan (Hasler Lab) or John Vehrs (TLS)/
  • Use the log book that is in each of the vehicles to record your trip mileage and make note of any problems.  The log book also has the tip for remembering the fuel card PIN.
  • Make sure all trailers are securely attached along with safety chains. Hook up all trailer wiring pigtails.
  • Check that all tail lights work. Make sure all loads are securely strapped to the trailer.
  • Fill up the vehicles when the fuel gauge reads a ¼ tank (instructions below)
  • Do not park in front of bars and other places where attention may be drawn to the state vehicle.
  • Return vehicle at or before the return time noted on the sign out sheet. If you are unable to return by indicated time, call Trout Lake Station (715-356-9494) or the Hasler Lab (608-262-3014).

Filling Vehicle Fuel Tanks

  • Madison area users should use the fuel pumps at UW-Madison Car Fleet and Service Garage (27 North Charter Street) whenever possible.  Otherwise, any fuel pump that allows for “pay at pump with card” will work for state fuel cards.
  • Use the fuel charge card in the wallet attached to the key ring for the vehicle.
  • The PIN is the last 4 digits of the “UA” number in the lower left corner of the card PLUS two zeroes.  For example, a UA number “001234” would be a PIN of “123400”.  Another example UA000113 would be PIN “011300”  See the attachment at the bottom of the page for a image of the card showing the numbers.  The formula for the PIN is also on the log books that are in each vehicle.
  • Gas Card Example:


For comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Aaron Nolan (Hasler Lab) or John Vehrs (TLS) or Amber Mrnak (TLS). updated 1/8/21