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For more information, or to discuss giving opportunities, please contact Center for Limnology Director Jake Vander Zanden:, 608-262-3014.


We don’t need to tell you that freshwater is Earth’s most vital resource. Or that freshwater ecosystems are among the most threatened due to climate change, declining fisheries, invasive species, pollution and more. Or that the Center for Limnology is a global leader in helping document and understand changes to our environment and find solutions to these important problems.

But maybe you didn’t know how important you are in our endeavors.

Though we are a public institution, the majority of our work is funded by external grants and gifts from individuals. Individual gifts are vital to advancing our mission. Your support helps us conduct crucially important science, inspires training for the next generation of freshwater leaders and helps us work with the general public, elected officials, and resource managers to innovate solutions. Gifts from people like you also allows us to advance our mission of embracing the Wisconsin Idea and sharing what we learn to audiences near and far.