CFL Trout Lake Station Open House August 2 from 1-5pm

Get a first-hand look at research at the CFL More
Aquatic Sensors Workshop, September 23-27 at CFL Trout Lake Station

Limnology: the scientific study of inland waters

Providing local, national, and international leadership and maintaining excellence in the fields of limnology, aquatic ecology, and ecosystem science from the Hasler Laboratory of Limnology and Trout Lake Station


July 11,12 & 18,19: Grandparents University Limnology Major

July 20:  Join us at the Memorial Union (check TITU for location) 10:30-noon on Saturday at Clean Lakes Alliance Mornings on Mendota Saturday: Fish of the Yahara Lakes.

Aug 2: Trout Lake Station Open House, 1-5pm, free and open to public

Oct 17-20: WI Science Festival Curiosity Unleashed

The next four events below are during semester:

Weekdays (Mon-Thur): Atmospheric Oceanic Sciences (AOS) presentations, Madison. Check the AOS calendar for more infomation about each seminar

Tuesdays, 9:30am: AOSS Room 811, 1225 Dayton St, Climate, People and the Environment Program (CPEP)

Wednesdays, noon-1pm: Limnology weekly seminar, WSEL room 102, 660 N. Park St, Madison

Thursdays, 3:30: Biology Colloquium, Birge Hall room B302, 430 Lincoln Dr, Madison

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