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Buoy on Crystal Bog

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The Way Home: A Photo Biography of Arthur Davis Hasler, presented by Fritz Hasler

Save the Date: Friday, September 14 More

An evening with the author, Dan Egan

Save the Date: Tuesday, October 16 More

Limnology: the scientific study of inland waters

Providing local, national, and international leadership and maintaining excellence in the fields of limnology, aquatic ecology, and ecosystem science from the Hasler Laboratory of Limnology and Trout Lake Station

SAVE ANOTHER DATE:  Tuesday, October 16, The Death and Life of The Great Lakes
An evening with the author, Dan Egan


Forensic Fishing: Using eDNA to Track Fish Populations  Read more…

The Mystery of the “Fairy Rings” on Howe Lake  Read more…

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August 22: Jake Vander Zanden will present ‘Emerging perspectives on the role of benthic production and food web linkages in lakes’ at the International Society of Limnology Congress in Nanjing, China.

August 28: Susan Knight teaching primer for North Lakeland Discovery Center on limnology, including lakes, wetlands, groundwater and streams. Students sign-up prior to Aug 28; not a drop-in program.

Sept 1: Susan Knight will be displaying plants and a few invertebrates common in northern Wisconsin lakes at Lake Minocqua/Kawaguesaga Pig Roast and Lake Fsair, Torpy Park, Minocqua.

Sept 12: Fall weekly seminar starts in Madison.

Sept 14:  Fritz Hasler will present Max-Kade Institute The Way Home: A Photo Biography of Arthur Davis Hasler at UW-Madison Memorial Library, 728 State St, Madison, Room 126 at 6pm.

September 15: Science on Tap Minocqua (no presentation, field trip only) – Explore Wetlands of Kemp Natural Research Station with Ron Eckstein & Tom Jerow – registration coming soon.