Contacts for Questions

General List of Contacts

The following is a detailed list of core personnel, and the areas of their expertise.  Feel free to contact them with any questions regarding operations at the CFL.

Monet Hutchins (Assistant Director recruitment in process)

  • Animal care protocols – assist with submitting animal care protocols for research projects involving any use of fish or other vertebrates
  • CFL operating budgets – provide information on how resources are allocated to CFL operational needs
  • Existing grants/budgets – provide balances on current grants and awards; spending updates and future spending predictions for individual grants; assist with submitting reports to sponsors
  • Human subjects protocols- assist with submitting human subjects protocols for teaching or research projects involving talking to or surveying people
  • Research proposals – prepare budgets, budget justifications and other documents; compile and submit proposals; process all proposals and awards through the University system
  • Student and staff funding – provide information on current and future funding for all students, post docs, faculty and staff
  • WDNR scientific collector’s permits – process scientific collector’s permit applications for collection of fish, other vertebrates, or endangered species

Alyssa Luckey Winters (Payroll and Benefits Specialist) Payroll coordinator – Faculty, Academic, Classified and LTE Prepares appointments

  • New employment paperwork
  • Paperwork updates for current staff
  • Payroll activity for CFL employees
  • Honorary Fellow and Volunteer appointments
  • Tuition remissions
  • Visas for international students
  • Workers disability compensation forms
  • Leave of absence requests
  • CFL recruitment and hiring
  • Hiring & appointing students, post docs, and academic staff
  • Recruitment of new employees
  • Employee Benefits
  • Student worker recruitment
  • Coordinates Field Season hiring
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Driver Authorizations
  • Employment Verifications
  • New Employee Onboarding

John Burmaster (Financial Specialist)

  • Explains options for travel, including booking airline tickets, lodging and travel reimbursements.
  • Handles payments for conference registrations, publication fees and other general payments.  Please do not make any purchases with personal funds before contacting John.  Payments should almost always be made directly by the department.
  • Answers questions regarding how to purchase lab and research supplies
  • Orders office supplies
  • Processes paperwork for all payments including payments to individuals, direct payments, purchase orders, standing orders, and travel reimbursements.
  • Coordinates purchases on center credit card
  • Processes scholarships and other award payments
  • Works with Assistant Director on managing endowment funds, grant balances, 150 CapEx funds and 131/136 funds
  • Sends invoices and makes departmental deposits
  • Answers questions about the copier/printer/scanner and fax email
  • Helps with Fed-Ex and UPS shipments

Kelly O’Ferrell, Hasler Lab Administrative Coordinator

  • Just wondering where, what, who, when or how regarding Hasler Lab or Madison Campus? Ask Kelly.
  • CFL & FMS web pages – feel free PLEASE to let her know about updates/changes/corrections
  • Newsletters (Nov & TLS July) layout, mailing & emailing
  • CFL directories and email lists, including address changes (not shared)
  • Hasler Lab campus and postal mail
  • Photo board in stairway & mailboxes in front entry (by parking Lot 8)
  • Stamps and UPS/Fed-Ex shipping (John Burmaster can also help with this)
  • Poster printing
  • General questions about supplies, procedures, etc.  Will point you in the right direction. Let John Burmaster know if you need any supplies.
  • Procure space, equipment, catering on campus for meetings
  • CFL Committee process
  • Update CFL User Guide – send any updates/changes/corrections to Kelly
  • All Staff, Op Staff, NTL PI & Science Meetings: Schedule, agenda, notes, meeting space, IT equip, catering
  • Answers questions about the copier/printer/scanner and fax email
  • In conjunction with John Burmaster, Fed-Ex and UPS shipments

Paul Hanson (Information Processing)

  • Provide support for the Center’s Local Area Networks (LANs) at the Laboratory of Limnology and Trout Lake Station. The LANs include various types of PCs, workstations and operating systems used by faculty and administrators at both locations and include a computer lab used by graduate students, post docs and other researchers.
  • Technical supervisor for Center’s World Wide Web home pages used for communication and scientific information distribution.
  • Supervise student hourlies who assist with computer technology and information technology.
  • Consult with faculty and other researchers to evaluate their computing needs, and purchase and modify statistical software packages for research purposes.
  • Provide one-on-one training, guidance, and direction to entry-level research staff and students in using computers and statistical software packages.
  • Consult with researchers and other staff on design, creation and maintenance of scientific and administrative databases.
  • Direct purchasing and maintenance of major equipment used in research and instruction.
  • Manage the Water Science and Engineering Laboratory (WSEL) aquarium facility.
  • Manage the Field Operations Committee, whose responsibilities include coordinating purchase, use and maintenance of field equipment common to multiple projects, and developing procedures for the safe and effective operations of equipment common to multiple projects.

Aaron Nolan (Hasler Lab Facilities/Equipment Manager)

  • Keys – issues and maintains keys to building
  • CFL building maintenance requests. Initiates remodeling and repair requests
  • Fabrication and repair of research equipment
  • Inventory of research related equipment. Check before purchasing new gear.
  • UW Carfleet/DOA Motorpool reservation contact. CFL vehicle maintenance and use.
  • CFL boat fleet manager. Train new boat users in safe boat use.
  • Storage for gear and samples.
  • Tour Guide for outlying facilities – Blackhole and UW Fleet
  • Electro-fishing boat/backpack maintenance and construction.
  • Assist on an emergency basis with field work.
  • Anything not covered by any one else listed on webpage.

Amber Mrnak – (Trout Lake Station Coordinator & Outreach)

  • Perform general administrative duties at the Trout Lake Station.
  • Schedule housing and coordinate vehicle and boat use at the station.
  • Coordinate outreach opportunities
  • Assist with paper work necessary for hiring employees at TLS
  • Coordinate with Limnology Library staff to keep reprint collection and TLS Library up to date.
  • Assist with the station director with preparation of proposals and publications.
  • Maintain Science on Tap and TLS web pages
  • Order office supplies
  • Coordinate purchases on TLS credit card
  • Orient all summer staff to TLS
  • Maintain photo bulletin boards
  • General Jill-of-All-Trades office-ish for TLS
  • Coordinates meals and lodging for events held at TLS as needed

Tom Swedberg (Trout Lake Station Facilities Technician III)

  • Perform routine building and grounds maintenance.
  • Assist with planning for facilities equipment maintenance.
  • Assist researchers with equipment, vehicles, boat, and housing needs.

Jonathan Lytle (Trout Lake Station Boats, Equipment, Facilities)

  • My main priorities include repairing equipment which is used by the field crews to gather their field samples and maintaining the building systems to provide heating, ventilation, plumbing, and electrical needs of the researchers.
  • Supervise/direct any work associated with the cleaning, repair, improvement, or alterations to the building and grounds.
  • Routine and urgent care/repair of equipment such as vehicles and trailer/boat/motor combinations.
  • Assist researchers in many cases with construction / improvements of collection devices/tools and/or repairs if possible.
  • Work with the Field Operations and Safety Committees to provide better equipment, training and assistance with tools and equipment and provide a safe working environment for all.
  • Basically, if it’s broken, or if you need advice on constructing something, bring it to me.

For comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Kelly O’Ferrell.