CFL Committees

The CFL is unique in that many of the common operating functions are managed by committees.  These committees see to the day-to-day management of resources, establish procedures and guidelines, and make recommendations to the CFL administration when changes need to be made.

Committees serve the one academic year, starting in the fall. A sign-up poll is emailed in September asking CFL members to indicate three committees on which they would prefer to serve for the following academic year. Committee composition is based on the sign-up poll.

If you arrive at the CFL after the initial sign-up, please work with your advisor to determine the best two committees you would like to join. Email Kelly O’Ferrell and she will contact the Committee Chairs to include you on emails of upcoming meetings and past meeting documents.

All CFL citizens are expected to serve on at least two committees. Committee chairs (most Chair(s) are decided by Committee) are responsible for scheduling committee meetings, reporting on activities at the All CFL meetings (previously known as All Staff Meetings) and, where applicable, keep the relevant webpages updated in the CFL User Guide. Kelly O’Ferrell will make the updates needed to the webpage(s).

Some members may serve on more than two committees, depending on their job requirements. Questions regarding final assignments should be referred to CFL director Jake Vander Zanden.

2023-2024 CFL Committees

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