Poster Printing

We have an account set up with Student Print for printing posters, located at 333 East Campus Mall, Suite 3301, 608-262-6216

Email the following to Kelly O’Ferrell and John Burmaster

  • Funding to charge
  • When you need the poster to be completed (try to give at least 2 business days turn around)
  • Kelly is happy to pick up the poster and have it available for you to pick up from the Hasler Lab AND she can let you know when it’s ready if you are available to pick it up. Just let her know in the email.
  • PDF of poster. Files are limited to 100MB in size so if you require more space, simply save to Box or Google folder and include link in email.
  • PDF submitted should be sized appropriately, as files will be printed to as-is. A fee is charged for resizing.
  • Confirm desired size of poster.
  • Paper type:  Let Kelly/John know which of these you prefer. Heavyweight Coated, Semi-Gloss, Full-Gloss, Tyvek, Adhesive Matte
  • Tyvek: Two free grommets are included with every Tvyek poster. Let Kelly know if you need more grommets added (additional fee).
  • Poster tube needed? (Extra fee)

For comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Kelly O’Ferrell.