Poster Printing

For fabric posters: We use Media Solutions Printing, located at 1373 Health Sciences Learning Center, 750 Highland Ave.

For all other posters: We have an account set up with Student Print for printing posters, located at 333 East Campus Mall, Suite 3301, 608-262-6216

  • Email the following to Kelly O’Ferrell and John Burmaster and we will submit your poster information directly and keep you informed of print status.
  • Funding to charge
  • When you need the poster to be completed (try to give at least 2 business days turn around)
  • PDF of poster. Files are limited to 100MB in size so if you require more space, simply save to Box or Google folder and include link in email.
  • PDF submitted should be sized appropriately, as files will be printed to as-is. A fee is charged for resizing.
  • Confirm desired size of poster.
  • Paper type:  Let Kelly/John know which of these you prefer. Heavyweight Coated, Semi-Gloss, Full-Gloss, Tyvek, Adhesive Matte
  • Tyvek: Two free grommets are included with every Tvyek poster. Let Kelly know if you need more grommets added (additional fee).
  • Poster tube needed? (Extra fee)

For comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Kelly O’Ferrell.