Seminar & Kaeser Scholar Guidance

Guidance document for Limnology weekly seminar
Last updated: Fall 2023

Seminar/Kaeser committee: In June, two graduate students are selected by Hilary Dugan/Jake Vander Zanden/Monet Hutchins to comprise the seminar committee. Under supervision of the faculty seminar advisor (Hilary Dugan), the seminar committee schedules seminar speakers, and advertises the seminar for the coming academic year.

Zoo 911 Weekly Seminar –

The weekly limnology seminar doubles as a 1 credit graduate seminar, Zoology 911: Limnology and Marine Sciences Seminar. All CFL faculty are listed as instructors, and the faculty advisor (Dugan) ensures attendance and participation and submits the final grades for the seminar.

  • Format: Speakers are expected to be on campus and give their presentation in person. As in the past, we will continue to make the seminar available via zoom for remote attendees.
  • Dates and time: We will offer the weekly seminar on all Wednesday’s when classes are in session (i.e., do not skip the first or last week of class, skip spring break). Because the seminar is a graduate course, it must abide by the advertised timetable times (12:05-12:55). Do not let the Q&A period run over time.
  • Room Reservation: Prior to start of fall semester, Kelly O’Ferrell will email Water Science Engineering Lab (WSEL) ( to reserve the room for all academic year seminar dates.
  • Canvas Page: All UW-Madison courses are given a Canvas page. The faculty advisor will add the co-chairs as admins on the canvas page, where all information and announcements related to Zoo 911 will be posted. This avoids past problems relating to students adding/dropping the course. Kelly is responsible for the CFL webpage updates to the seminar schedule.
  • Seminar/Kaeser Scholar email announcements:
    • Kelly gives access to email list used to email about weekly Wed Seminar.
    • Kelly gives access to email list used to email announcements related to Hasler Lab & TLS (ie: call for presenters, sign up for Kaeser Scholar schedule, etc).
  • Kelly O’Ferrell posts the seminar information to the CFL website and Water@UW-Madison includes webpage link in their weekly email. 
  • Seminar speaker info: The speaker information is tracked in this google sheet: Speakers should be confirmed well in advance, and relevant info (presenter name, institution, title, research url link) is posted on the CFL website as soon as possible after it is available.
  • Kelly updates the seminar webpage the week before to confirm that information is available the Thursday before upcoming seminar to ensure Water@UW-Madison has correct details. 
  • Content:
    • First 2-3 weeks of fall semester will be comprised of individual (not lab) introductions.
    • As a general rule, we expect This expectation includes a 1-hour exit seminar by all defending master’s and PhD students at the CFL. This provides students and postdocs with an opportunity to gain experience presenting a scientific talk, inform your colleagues about your work, and get feedback from the community. The seminar committee should solicit talks from the CFL community before reaching out more broadly.
    • Invited outside speakers should encompass diversity within the aquatic sciences (sector, subdiscipline, gender, ethnicity, etc).
    • The committee should continue to work with the DEI committee to bring in at least 1 speaker/yr that addresses DEI issues in the aquatic sciences. Funding will be covered (see ‘Funding’ below).
  • Introductions: All speakers should be given thoughtful and suitable introductions. The seminar committee will solicit the appropriate person to introduce the speakers, with at least one week of advanced notice.
  • AV: Check in with the previous co-chairs about the AV portion. Co-chairs have a key to the seminar room.

Coordination with speaker: Co-chairs provide speakers with day-of logistics one week before their talk. Logistics might include, where to park, AV set up (can they use their own laptop), and meeting time.

Kaeser Scholar –

In September of each year the committee solicits nominations for the Kaeser scholar. There is an Kaeser invitation letter template on the server.

  • Funding: Travel and lodging expenses for invited speakers will be covered. For Kaeser scholar and out-of-town DEI speakers, all travel expenses and a $500 honoraria are provided. We do not provide honoraria for local speakers. Work with John Burmaster on this process; he knows where expenses should be charged. 

Zoo 911 Weekly Email Sample: 

From: Limnology Seminar <>
Subject: Limnology Seminar DATE NAME – TITLE

Hello everyone,

Please join us this Wednesday (DATE) at 12:05pm CST in room 102 of the Water Science Engineering Lab (WSEL) located at 660 N. Park St for our weekly limnology seminar. We will be hearing a talk from NAME, Institution/Title titled PRESENTATION TITLE.

Zoom details: Add appropriate zoom information

If you have an announcement for this week, please send them via email prior to seminar. Future seminars are listed at

As always, feel free to zoom in if you are unable to attend in person.

Seminar Committee Co-Chairs Names
Seminar & Kaeser Scholar Committee

For comments or suggestions regarding this topic, contact Hilary Dugan. For edits to this page, please contact Kelly O’Ferrell.