Visiting Scholars

We frequently have visiting scholars come to work at the Center for Limnology. These visitors are not reimbursed or paid in any way by any of UW-Madison projects or funding, but are paying for their visit on their own. An example is a researcher spending their sabbatical in Madison.

If you are hosting a visiting scholar, be sure to plan WELL in advance for their visit.  If they are only here a short time, it is unproductive if they are waiting for authorizations and access that could have been set-up prior to their arrival.

Honorary Fellows:

If your scholar will need access to the UW-Madison campus network services, library resources and other campus services, we will need to set up a receive a “zero-dollar” honorary appointment. If you set up a zero-dollar appointment, please note that this employee cannot and will not be eligible for a paid position without prior approval.

To request an Honorary Fellow appointment, email Jake Vander Zanden and cc Alyssa with your request and a brief description of what the scholar will be doing for us. When/if Jake approves, Alyssa will process the appointment. Please be ready to provide the following for your scholar:

  • Full name
  • Mailing Address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone Number
  • Current CV
  • Email address

If they will need work space at one of the facilities, speak with Emily Stanley regarding space in the Hasler Lab or Amber Mrnak regarding space needs at Trout Lake Station.

For comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Alyssa Luckey Winters.