Release of Liability – Children

The CFL is an active research facility. As a professional institution, we strive to maintain a safe, secure and productive environment for faculty, staff and students of the Hasler Lab and Trout Lake Station. As such, it is expected that arrangements for childcare be made so children are not brought to the lab while the parent works. The UW Office of Risk Management strongly discourages bringing children to work, particularly in buildings that have labs. While there may be an emergency situation in which a parent/guardian has no alternative than to bring a child to the Hasler Lab or Trout Lake Station while he or she works, it should be for exceptional circumstances only.

A Release of Liability form has been developed to ensure that parents/guardians understand that bringing a child to work is for emergency situations only and there are risks involved. We are also complying with the UW Office of Risk Management’s request that we implement the use of a liability form immediately when a child is brought to work. The form and instructions are below. Note that occasional brief visits with children to CFL are OK; the distinction is when the parent is working while the child is at the CFL.

Release of Liability Children Form

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