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How to report leave

Every two weeks, employees will report their leave via MyUW. Alyssa will send reminders and instructions. Supervisors will then approve leave time.

Instructions for Reporting Leave Time:

Appointment                     Time Used                    What to Record

Part-Time                         Any Amount                      Record Actual Hours Gone

Full-Time                          Less than 2 Hours            0 Hours

Full-Time                          2 – 6 Hours                         4 Hours

Full-Time                          More than 6 Hours           8 Hours

A leave report must be submitted each month, regardless of whether any leave was taken. Failure to submit leave reports on a timely basis will result in a reduction to your sick leave accrual.  Regent policy requires that you provide medical certification for sick leave used for more than five consecutive full work days, except when the use of sick leave is authorized in advance.

Please see here for more information on reporting leave

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