CFL Concerns/Problems Reporting

What to do if you have concerns or want to report a problem.

There are many types of concerns and issues that could arise at the Hasler Lab or Trout Lake Station. Concerns may run the full gamut from missing field equipment or excessive noise to sexual harassment or sexual assault. At Trout Lake Station, the fact that people work and live together in close proximity creates opportunities for issues to arise.

Investigations and disciplinary actions relating to sexual misconduct are carried out by the UW-Madison Title IX Program. For this reason, any information related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and dating & domestic violence is to be reported to the Title IX Program ( At UW-Madison, only the Title IX Program can conduct investigations related to sexual misconduct, and any information we receive is handed over to the Title IX Program.

For other concerns, communicating with your supervisor/advisor is a good first step for addressing issues. You can also contact interim (July 2022 – July 2023) CFL Director, Emily Stanley or Trout Lake Station Director, Gretchen Gerrish. Our goal is to help address issues and concerns that may arise.

Below, we provide a form for reporting concerns to Center for Limnology administration (CFL Director, Jake Vander Zanden and Trout Lake Station Director, Gretchen Gerrish). Please provide contact information so we can work together to address the concerns.