CFL Concerns/Problems Reporting

What to do if you have concerns or want to report a problem.

There are many types of concerns and issues that could arise at Hasler Lab in Madison or Trout Lake Station in Boulder Junction. We can help address concerns and issues that arise. To do so, we need to know about them. Concerns may run the full gamut from missing field equipment or excessive noise to sexual harassment or sexual assault. At Trout Lake Station, the fact that people not only work, but also live together in close proximity, creates additional opportunities for concerns and issues to arise.

Communicating with your supervisor/advisor is typically a good first step – your supervisor may be able to address the issue right away or, if not, can help take the steps to address the issue. An alternative is to contact CFL Director, Jake Vander Zanden; Assistant Director, Marilyn Larsen; or Trout Lake Station Director, Gretchen Gerrish. Our goal is to help address issues and concerns that may arise.

UW-Madison policy prohibits acts of sexual harassment and sexual violence. Concerns relating to sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and dating & domestic violence are handled by the UW-Madison Title IX Program ( The Title IX Program provides support and resources, and ultimately responds to issues relating to sexual misconduct.

Below, we provide a form for reporting concerns to Center for Limnology administration. This form will be submitted anonymously unless you provide your name and contact information. Please note that in order to respond to specific events, conditions, or individuals, details are required. Without specific information, CFL can respond at the community level but may be limited in terms of what we can do to directly address concerns. The report will be received by CFL Director, Jake Vander Zanden; Assistant Director, Marilyn Larsen; and Trout Lake Station Director, Gretchen Gerrish.