Make sure you are in the correct Slack Workspace. Hasler Laboratory and Trout Lake Station have separate workspaces with separate emergency channels. The Slack emergency channels should not be used in lieu of contacting emergency services when needed, but rather to crowdsource solutions to problems that may occur in northern or southern lakes field sites or within Hasler Lab that are safety hazards or substantially and immediately impede your work.

Please see one of your lab members, or Kelly O’Ferrell @ Hasler Lab or Amber Mrnak @ TLS to join Slack and to learn more about nuances of Slack.

To ensure that in an emergency, our community can respond in a timely manner please ensure your notifications are turned on for the Emergency channel. Click on the Emergency Channel, click on #emergency in the top left (mobile app), scroll to Notifications and choose Every new message. (More at how to customize your notifications.)

At this time we will not be asking you to have notifications enabled for any other channel other than the emergency channel. More information about notification settings.

For questions, comments, suggestions regarding this topic and for edits to this webpage, contact Kelly O’Ferrell.