Outreach and Inreach

CFL Outreach Committee Mission Statement:

Guided by the principles of the Wisconsin Idea, the CFL Outreach Committee’s mission is to ensure that Center for Limnology research has an impact beyond the lab and classroom and that our researchers engage in broader science communication. The Committee works to develop communication strategies and facilitate outreach events that build connections and foster conversations with the public and strives especially to reach audiences that have been underrepresented in the ecological sciences.

For internal CFL use: Outreach Reporting Form

When a request is made for information or involvement, the request will be forwarded (as applicable) to Hasler Lab (Jake Vander Zanden, Adam Hinterthuer, Helen Schlimm, and Kelly O’Ferrell) or Trout Lake Station (Gretchen Gerrish and Amber Mrnak).

Work Flow for requests:

If request made to correct researcher and researcher is available:

  • Media/interview request received.
  • If interested/available for interview, alert staff members via email, or cc them in e-mail reply confirming interview.
  • Copy Adam in any relevant further correspondence.
  • If applicable, send article/interview url to staff members; will be added to “CFL in the News”.

If request made to incorrect researcher and/or researcher is NOT available:

  • Media/interview request received.
  • If uninterested/unavailable for interview, respond accordingly to reporter and alert staff members via email, or cc them in e-mail reply declining interview, letting reporter know that, while you cannot assist with the request, someone else from CFL will field their request and ask for their deadline.
  • If deadline less than one week from initial date of contact, flag email as important.
  • Staff members will vet interview request, decide if it merits attention and relates to CFL expertise.
  • If request is deemed to not require CFL participation/time, staff members will politely decline.
  • If request gets “green light” staff members will e-mail PIs.
  • Once willing interviewee found, staff members will then “hand them off” to the reporter.
  • If applicable, send article/interview url to staff members; will be added to “CFL in the News”.

Handling Outreach Requests:

  • Forward outreach request to staff members.
  • If request fits CFL mission, is doable and worthwhile, staff will pass along to appropriate faculty, staff or graduate students to solicit volunteers.
  • If request deemed not good fit, staff will politely decline.
  • Staff members will then correspond with volunteers and person requesting outreach event to get both groups working on event.
  • When date/time/location/details confirmed for outreach event, volunteers send e-mail to staff members with relevant information.
  • Upon conclusion of event, one volunteer should fill in details on the CFL Outreach Google Doc

For comments or suggestions regarding this topic, contact the Adam Hinterthuer. For edits to this page, contact Kelly O’Ferrell.