Computer Use and Support

Computers are provided for work use, and are paid for by either the specific project (grant) or through general university funds for administrative and operating support staff (101 account). Research staff must speak with the Principle Investigator (PI) for their project to request equipment; administrative and operating support staff should speak with their supervisor.

Computer Support:

Instructions to install WiscVPN AND to map to Hasler Lab Server for “groups”

Regular Computer Upkeep (CCleaner and Malwarebytes)

File servers are available at the CFL.  Staff and students must have a UW Net ID *and* a CFL log-in account.  Contact CFL computer support with your Net ID account name (not your password!), and they can establish your account for accessing the CFL file servers.

Once you have an account, you may map to the shared drives.

  • Common folder addresses for mapping:
    • \\\groups
    • \\\home
    • \\\tools
  • If prompted for an account log in, select a new user and enter the username as a combination of the domain prefix of LOGIN.WISC.EDU + user name:
    • A sample user name field would be: LOGIN.WISC.EDU\limnouser
  • Enter your UW NetID password

Network Access
Access to the network is provided through the use of a UW-Madison Network ID.

  • Computers using a “hard-wired” network connection will automatically prompt for UW Net ID login.
  • Laptops and other wireless devices will need to log into the web first to allow network access.
  • Guests or new employes without their net ID may use a temporary “Guest Network ID.”  Any UW-Madison staff or student may request a guest net ID by logging into

NOTE:  Depending on the device and connection, you may need to add a prefix to your NetID user name when logging in.  If your user name by itself does not work, try: LOGIN.WISC.EDU\username (The prefix is case sensitive, use all caps.  Also, replace “username” with your own user account)

For comments or suggestions regarding this topic, contact the Computer Committee Chair. For edits to this page, contact Kelly O’Ferrell.