Building Security

In general, do not prop open any of the building doors after business hours and make sure to secure locks behind you when you leave. If you see doors propped open, close and lock the door.  Secure your personal belongings at all times.  Call 911 for emergency services.

Trout Lake Station
The main laboratory, and all storage buildings should all be locked while unattended except during business hours. If you are the last person to leave any of these buildings during non-business hours, please be sure that all lights are off, and that all doors are locked.

Hasler Lab
If you plan to be in the building after hours, make sure you have your UW photo ID with you. If you do not have your UW photo ID with you after hours, security has the right to escort you out of the building.

Ask questions of people you do not recognize. When responding to people ringing the doorbell, ask them with whom they are planning to meet. If possible, escort them to that person. Though we may see this as a hassle, it is absolutely necessary. We have had equipment/possessions stolen in the past and need to work to avoid this in the future.

Keep office doors closed and locked when not in use. Even if you are only going to be out for a few minutes, please secure all offices. Do not leave packs, laptop computers, etc. within easy reach–lock packs and other valuables in file or desk drawers.

Report any suspicious activity to the Director’s Office, or if after hours, call UW Police by calling 911, or if non-emergency, call 264-2677 (4-cops).

If there’s a building security issue after hours (e.g. boat slip door won’t go down), contact Physical Plant directly at 263-3333. Also, send an email to Aaron Nolan, Paul Hanson, Monet Hutchins, and Jake Vander Zanden explaining the issue and whether or not you are still at the lab.

If you notice damage to the lab (e.g. graffiti, broken windows), contact UW Police at 264-2677 directly, in addition to emailing Aaron Nolan, Paul Hanson, Monet Hutchins, and Jake Vander Zanden.

UW-Madison Campus Access Card

UW-Madison Police Department (UWPD) manages access to UW-Madison campus buildings. Access to campus buildings is granted to faculty, staff, students and researchers who have business within a certain UW building. UWPD recognizes that not all authorized visitors are able to have a UW ID card.  In general, they would prefer that we have zero-dollar appointments for individuals, which enables them to have a UW ID/Net ID.  However, if you have a short-term guest who needs access to the Hasler Lab outside of regular business hours, the visitor may get an access card from the UW Police Access division. Short-term is generally under 8 weeks duration. To inquire about access to a UW building, contact UWDP at 608-265-3279 or send an email to See UWPD’s Infrastructure Security web page for information.


TO: UWPD Access Unit

We are requesting/authorizing a guest badge for the following person:

Reason for being on campus: Visiting Scholar/Professor
Currently a member of the faculty of Alpha Centauri University
In Madison 2011/10/14 through 2011/11/11

UW-Madison Center for Limnology, Jake Vander Zanden faculty sponsor
Authorized for after-hours access to Hasler Laboratory for Limnology, building number 0483 (we will issue appropriate keys).

Thank you,

Your name and title
UW-Madison Center for Limnology

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