SCUBA Field Research Assistant

Employer: Nick Scheel (, he/him


The McMahon Lab is hiring an undergraduate student to collect samples from the lakebed of Lake Mendota. We will be gathering vital information about how invasive zebra mussels and microbes change the cycling of Mercury, a toxic heavy metal that threatens the health of aquatic ecosystems. To accomplish this, we will collect samples of water, sediment, and aquatic animals to analyze their mercury content and microbial DNA.

Having students with different life experiences and backgrounds is critical to ensure the exchange of diverse ideas that is called for in training tomorrow’s scientists. Because we are actively working to increase diversity and inclusivity in our discipline, underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.


  • Use SCUBA to help collect sediment samples for later analysis
  • Field work on Lake Mendota assessing water clarity, nutrient content, microbial populations, etc.
  • Lab work involving mercury analysis and DNA extraction


  • Open-Water SCUBA certification required


  • Number of positions: 1
  • Start date: mid/late May 2024
  • End date: mid/late August 2024
  • Pay: $14.50 no experience; $14.75 some experience; $15.00 very experienced

Location and Housing:

This position is based full-time at Hasler Lab at the Center for Limnology in Madison, WI. Housing is not provided. Parking at the CFL/on campus is also not included.

 How to Apply:

  • Application link
  • Priority consideration deadline:  February 21, 2024
  • We accept applications until all positions are filled.
  • Indicate preference for SCUBA Field Research Assistant on your application and contact Nick Scheel if  you have any questions.

The CFL is an equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to an inclusive and positive working environment for all.