Pond Nutrient Cycling Research Technician

Employer: Jess Briggs (jtbriggs@wisc.edu) she/her/hers, Helen Schlimm (schlimm@wisc.edu) she/her/hers & Grace Wilkinson (gwilkinson@wisc.edu) she/her/hers


The Wilkinson Lab at the Center for Limnology is looking for one to two dedicated and inquisitive undergraduate students for the Pond Nutrient Cycling Research Technician. This position is based at the CFL’s Hasler Lab in Madison, WI and will involve local travel to sample research ponds, laboratory analysis of various water quality parameters, data management, and independent research project development. We study how ponds act as biogeochemical factories within the landscape. Research Technicians will support the project team in researching mechanisms controlling nutrient and carbon cycling rates in hypereutrophic ponds which are under extraordinary anthropogenic pressure. Independent project topics will be developed in collaboration with mentors based on the student’s interests within the field of biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology. Additionally, this position will be able to participate in outreach events under the lab’s community science program. By the end of the summer, the students will gain valuable research experience with sample collection, laboratory analysis, data management, independent research, and science communication. Work will include c. 40 hours a week, distributed around field sampling schedules.


  • Perform weekly field work and sample collection on ponds around Madison
  • Perform water and sediment analysis in the lab
  • Regular sample preparation and equipment organization
  • Basic data entry and analysis
  • Independent project development and conclusion by end of position
  • General support of project team
  • Development of educational materials and participation in community science outreach events


  • Comfortable working outside and with small boats on water (mainly canoes and kayaks)
  • Willing to work under variable weather conditions and occasional irregular hours
  • Experience working in a laboratory setting (coursework experience acceptable)
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively and respectfully with team members
  • Flexible with problem solving and in-the-field decision making
  • Interested in science communication and interacting with community members
  • Valid driver’s license which meets UW Risk Management standards is required


  • Number of positions: 1-2
  • Start date: mid/late May 2024
  • End date: mid/late August 2024
  • Pay: $14.50 no experience; $14.75 some experience; $15.00 very experienced

Location and Housing:

This position is based full-time at Hasler Lab at the Center for Limnology in Madison, WI. Housing is not provided. Parking at the CFL/on campus is also not included.

 How to Apply:

  • Application link
  • Priority consideration deadline:  February 21, 2024
  • We accept applications until all positions are filled.
  • Indicate preference for Pond Nutrient Cycling Field and Laboratory Technician on your application and contact Jess Briggs (jtbriggs@wisc.edu) if  you have any questions.

The CFL is an equal opportunity employer and is dedicated to an inclusive and positive working environment for all.