Weekly Seminar

Zoology 911 Wednesday Seminar noon (CT) will be via zoom only


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Weekly seminar speakers will resume in fall 2020. Topics will be added week prior to the presentations.

Sept 9: Greg Sass, Corinna Gries, Hilary Dugan, Jake Vander Zanden and Grace Wilkinson – intros of labs

Sept 16: Trina McMahon, Emily Stanley, Paul Hanson, Olaf Jensen and Gretchen Gerrish – intros of labs

Sept 23 – Friedrich Keppeler, post doc with Dr. Olaf Jensen, UW-Madison, Center for Limnology: Untangling food webs: Identification of drivers and major patterns in predator-prey interactions

Sept 30 – Eric Olson, Director and Lake Specialist UW-Extension Lakes: Building lake organization capacity the Wisconsin Way: 50 years of the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership

Oct 7 – Joe Stachelek, post doc with Dr. Paul Hanson and Dr. Hilary Dugan, UW-Madison, Center for Limnology: Scaling and extrapolation of lake water quality requires abstraction

Oct 14 – Xiao Yang, Post doc with Dr. Tamlin Pavelsky, The University of NC at Chapel Hill, Geological Sciences: Global scale studies of lakes and rivers leveraging decades of satellite images

Oct 21- Helen Baulch, Assoc Professor, Univ of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability: Everything is changing:  Winter, and what it means to water quality

Oct 28 – Ishmael Kimirei, Aquatic Ecologist, a Centre Director at Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute: The state of Lake Tanganyika: Stressors and management

Nov 4 – Yuko Shimoda, Post doc, Univ of Toronto Dept of Physical and Environmental Sciences at Scarborough

Nov 11 – Andrea Reid, Joining the UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries in January 2021

Nov 18 – Joanna Blaszczak , Asst Professor, Univ of Nevada, Reno, Dept of Natural Resources & Environmental Science

Nov 25 – NO SEMINAR, Thanksgiving break

Dec 2 – Emily Whitaker, M.S. candidate with Dr. Hilary Dugan, UW-Madison, Center for Limnology

Dec 9 – Landon Falke, M.S. candidate with Dr. Dan Preston, UW-Madison, Aquatic Ecology and Conservation