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Dec 1 – In-person & Virtual: Cal Buelo, Postdoc Dugan & Hanson Labs, UW-Madison Center for Limnology –  Quantifying resilience in aquatic ecosystems: algal blooms in lakes and tropical cyclones in estuaries

Dec 8 – Virtual: Jen Brand, UW-Stevens Point – Disentangling regional drivers of groundwater nitrate with interpretable machine learning

Dec 15 – TBA

Seminar returns in 2022 on Feb 2, 2022

In the spring, ‘Student Happy Hour’ is a forum where graduate students are encouraged to share new results that could spark others to revisit their own data and/or foster collaboration. We want to emphasize that these talks will be preliminary results and comments/questions should be respectful of this new format. We see this format as slightly different than our ‘feature’ seminars where our speakers tend to be professors, post docs, agency researchers, etc. sharing their often times published works.

Feb 2, 2022 – Amy Macarelli, Michigan Technological University

Feb 9 – Danielle Wain, 7 Lakes Alliance – Solutions or snake oil: How effective are in-lake engineering interventions at mitigating harmful algal blooms 

Feb 16 – Larry Stevens, Springs Stewardship Institute – Springs Ecosystem Limnology, Biodiversity and Conservation: A Global Crisis with Local Solutions

Feb 23 – Michael Meyer, USGS – Effects of spatially heterogeneous lakeside development on nearshore communities and food webs in a large, deep, oligotrophic lake (Lake Baikal, Siberia)

March 2 – Trista Vick-Majors, Michigan Tech

March 9 – John Magnuson, Professor Emeritus and Director Center for Limnology – A Life in Science; John Magnuson’s History, Thoughts, and Choices from 1950 to 2021

March 16 – NO SEMINAR

March 23 – Irene Gregory-Eaves, McGill University – Kaeser Scholar

March 30 – Maike Sonnenwald, Princeton University

April 6 – Student Happy Hour TBA

April 13 – Giulia Valerio, Hydraulic Engineering group Brescia

April 20 – Holly Embke, PhD candidate Vander Zanden Lab, Center for Limnology

April 27 – Ellen Albright, PhD candidate Wilkinson Lab, Center for Limnology

May 4 – Ashley Trudeau, PhD candidate Jensen Lab, Center for Limnology