Weekly Seminar

See you in the fall for our next seminar series starting September 11

The Hasler Lab seminar series is part of Zoology 911 course. Seminars are held Wednesdays at noon in 102 Water Science and Engineering Laboratory (WSEL), Madison; exceptions will be indicated on the schedule below. Speakers are affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology unless noted.

Not able to attend the seminar in person? Join to watch and listen through Zoom using the following link: https://zoom.us/j/726741289 (opens in new window). Please mute your microphone.

To receive a reminder email with date, time, speaker, topic and zoom info, please send an email to limnology@mailplus.wisc.edu with subject:  Add to weekly seminar email list.

Weekly seminar speakers (spring 2019)

Jan 23 – Limnology Faculty Job Seminar – Olaf Jensen, Managing freshwater fisheries in the Anthropocene: finding scalable social-ecological solutions (Zoom not available)

Friday, Jan 25 – (Added date) Limnology Faculty Job Seminar – Abby Lynch, What’s next for inland fish? Ecology and management of ecosystem transformation for sustainability (Zoom not available)

Jan 30 – Limnology Faculty Job Seminar – Tim Cline,  Improving ecosystem-based management: using quantitative tools to bring basic ecology to real ecosystems (Zoom not available)

Feb 6 – Holly Embke & Ben Martin – Understanding conditions that support self-sustaining recreational fisheries & Implications for trophic polymorphism in Lake Mendota yellow perch

Feb 13 – Franco Guerrero-Bolano – Bytes of natural history: disentangling signals of watersheds’ response to disturbance from lacustrine sediments

Feb 20 – Martin Perales – Drought in a lake rich region

Feb 27 – Matt McCary – Understanding how aquatic insects can influence terrestrial food webs: an Icelandic case study

March 6 – Katie Hein – Perspectives on lake monitoring and policy in Wisconsin

March 13 – Caroline Gottschalk Druschke


March 27 – No Seminar, canceled Kaeser Speaker

April 3 – Mike Spear – One fish, two fish: eDNA as a quantitative tool

April 10 – John Lyons – Fishvis: a new website for visualizing projected changes in stream fish distribution in the Great Lakes region in response to climate change

April 17 – Sam Blackburn – I measured stream cabon dioxide and methane for 6 months last year and here’s what I found out

April 24 – Joe Phillips – Linking population and ecosystem processes through time and space in the highly dynamic Lake Myvatn, Iceland

May 1 – Ben Peterson – Mercury-methylating microbes in Lake Mendota