*For updates to the UW’s response to COVID-19, see COVID-19 Response.

In the event of a pandemic, the following individuals will work together in coordinating a pandemic response: Jake Vander Zanden, Paul Hanson, Aaron Nolan, Gretchen Gerrish, Kelly O’Ferrell and Emily Stanley. The existing Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan will be implemented, if needed. Copies reside with Aaron Nolan (COOP Coordinator) and Monet Hutchins (Pandemic Coordinator).

The CFL’s Pandemic Coordinator will check the UW’s web site for pandemic information frequently for updates, sharing information with staff as needed. During an emergency, and under the assumption that campus web resources are operational, faculty/staff may access information online at The CFL will use phone (call tree), email and Facebook ( to contact employees in an emergency.

Contact information for staff and students of the Hasler Lab and Trout Lake Station is kept in the Employee Addresses file in personnel\Directories. The file is only accessible to Alyssa Luckey Winters, Kelly O’Ferrell and Monet Hutchins.

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