Volunteer Information

Do you have an individual interested in working on your project?  Before they can start, the individual must have a validated volunteer appointment.

What is a volunteer appointment?

A volunteer appointment is the formal recognition that a person is indeed an active volunteer on your project through the Center of Limnology.  The process includes obtaining validation from the the UW’s College of Letters & Sciences.

Why do we need a formal volunteer appointment set up just to help out? 

All volunteers need to be properly appointed because of the potential liability and insurance-related issues that can happen as a result of working on your project.

So how do I get this volunteer appointment started?

In order to start the process, the intended supervisor for the volunteer must obtain the necessary information in order for the appointment to be set up properly.  Below are the types of volunteer appointments:

  • Current UW Student (see UW Student Volunteer Application below)
  • Former UW Student (needs to have campus ID, access to internet, etc.)
  • Adult (non-affiliated with the UW) Volunteer
  • Other?  Please see Alyssa for more information

Select the appropriate type of volunteer category for the potential volunteer.  If it is the case that it is a current UW Student interested in volunteering, please print off the UW Student Volunteer Application attached below, fill it out completely and submit it to Alyssa Luckey Winters.  Keep in mind that processing may take some time, considering the final approval will need to go though the College of Letters & Sciences dean’s office, so don’t delay!

In the case with Former UW Students and Adult Volunteers, we will need support indicating the volunteer’s qualifications such as a current resume or vita, or even letters of support from colleagues or peers who would work for the volunteer.  If the applicant is not a current UW Student, the volunteer should be put in contact with Alyssa Luckey Winters to obtain all of the personal information needed in order to process the appointment.

How long does this “volunteer appointment” process take?

Please be mindful that in order to process a volunteer appointment, it must go through a number of departments before it is finalized.  In the past, appointments were established in as little as a week or even over 2 weeks, so be prepared to wait as the appointment is finalized.  Volunteers may NOT start volunteering until the paperwork is finalized, due to liability issues.

Current UW Student Volunteer Application

For questions, comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Alyssa Luckey Winters.