Volunteer Information

Contact Alyssa Luckey Winters prior to starting the volunteer process.

L&S guideline for volunteers.

Summary of process:

All volunteers need an appointment with UW. Alyssa Luckey Winters needs the following for each volunteer:

Once Alyssa has all of that, she will submit it to L&S. Your volunteer may only start after the approval comes through.

If your volunteers will be driving campus vehicles or if they need to access campus systems, they’ll also need an Honorary Fellow appointment. These appointments need approval from the CFL director before I can submit anything to L&S. To go this route, please email CFL director and cc Alyssa with your request for an Honorary appointment for your volunteer(s) and a short description of what they’ll be doing. Once we have the approval, please send Alyssa the above info (CV, form, dates, etc.) and she will get the appointments submitted to L&S for approval.

Please also see the volunteer fact sheet with more information.

For questions, comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Alyssa Luckey Winters.