Boat Use and Safety

The Center for Limnology manages a small fleet of boats for use by research and educational staff.

To reserve boat from Hasler Lab use, go to:

Every boat is required to have one throwable personal floatation device.

For questions or information, contact:

Users must be certified by the state of Wisconsin for boat use (see below), and will receive additional specific training from CFL staff regarding use of our boats, trailering and transportation, and general maintenance.

Safety Cord REQUIRED:

When driving a CFL boat, it is now required that you clip the safety cord to you. Some good options are a belt loop, a life jacket strap, or around your wrist. It is the red cord next to the ignition key. Its purpose is if you were to be ejected from the boat, the motor would shut off. If you happen to pull it the safety switch will be down. To reset it, stick the black clip above the switch and then flip the switch back up. If anyone wants a quick tutorial on how it works please contact Aaron Nolan.  It is a very simple system.

Life Jacket Use:

  1. A life jacket for each person on board will be provided as required by law.
  2. Life jackets must be worn when water temperature is </= 10oC (50oF).
  3. Life jackets must be worn by all classes and outreach participants at all times.
  4. Whether life jackets are required to be worn or not is at the discretion of the boat captain, except in case of water temperature or class/outreach participants.
  5. CFL staff are strongly encouraged to set an example by wearing a life jacket.

Every boat is required to have one throwable personal floatation device.

Wisconsin Boater Safety Certification:

Wisconsin state statues mandates that anyone born on or after January 1, 1989 is required to complete the online Wisconsin Boater Education Training course to operate a motor boat. (Out-of-state boater safety is honored by Wisconsin.) The certification does not expire.

BEFORE REGISTERING: Employees and research staff of the CFL will have the certification fee paid by the research project responsible for their project’s funding.  Contact John Burmaster for Madison area or Amber Mrnak  for Trout Lake Station area. They will give you a group code to use when registering.

For comments or suggestions regarding this page, contact Aaron Nolan (Hasler Lab) or Amber Mrnak (TLS). For edits to this page, contact Kelly O’Ferrell.