Archival materials related to the study of limnology at UW-Madison and the Center for Limnology can be found in several different locations.

The University of Wisconsin Archives

The University of Wisconsin Archives at Steenbock Library, 550 Babcock Dr., contains several collections related to the Center for Limnology. These collections can be searched for in the UW Library catalog, or you can request to look through collections by emailing the reference desk at or creating a request online by following the instructions here. The CFL also maintains a list of all folders in the UW Archives. Email the current CFL Student Archivist at to request access to this list.

The Archives contains:

  • Documentation of the history of limnology in Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from the late 1800s to the present.
  • Materials on UW-Madison limnologists including Edward. A. Birge, Chancey Juday, Arthur D. Hasler, John J. Magnuson, James F. Kitchell, Stephen R. Carpenter, and present faculty and staff.
  • Materials and data from graduate students over the years.
  • Major research programs such as the North Temperate Lakes Long-Term Ecological Research Program and Network, the Trophic Cascade, Little Rock Lake Experimental Acidification, and research on Lake Mendota and the Madison Lakes.
  • The formation of the Center for Limnology, and facilities at the Center’s field laboratories on Lake Mendota in Madison and Trout Lake in Northern Wisconsin.
  • Additional materials, including (not a comprehensive list):
    • Original data.
    • Written documentation in correspondence.
    • Meeting minutes.
    • Project proposals.
    • Academic activities by faculty/staff/students.
  • Early files of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) that began with C. Juday in Madison.

University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center

The University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center (UWDCC) includes a collection called the History of Limnology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison which is composed of photographs from the history of the study of limnology at UW-Madison and the CFL. The collection is focused on research and important limnological figures with ties to UW-Madison.

The Center for Limnology Archives

The CFL also maintains an archive at the Hasler Laboratory for Limnology, 680 N Park St. This archive includes photographs and some audio/visual items of various formats which have largely been organized and described, as well as 35mm slides and some written materials, which largely have not been. The A/V items and some of the photographs are digitized as well, though not currently hosted publicly. A/V items primarily concern field research or radio/TV presentations and interviews. Photographs showcase lab and field research, CFL facilities, and CFL academic and social events. Materials are non-circulating and may not leave the library. Finding aids for some audio/visual and photographic collections are publicly available on the Limnology Library website. For more information or to request access to materials, email the current CFL Student Archivist at