TLS Events

Science on Tap-Minocqua

Science on Tap-Minocqua
Thursday * 6:30pm * Oakfire Pizzeria & Live Stream on YouTube

January 5, 2023: Clean Water Act

Bob Martini, WI DNR – Successful efforts to clean up the WI River and other waterways

February 2, 2023: TBD

March 2, 2023: TBD

April 6, 2023: Otters

Shawn Rossler, Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources

May 4, 2023: Neuroscience

Bernadette Gillick, Neuroscientist at UW-Madison

Trout Lake Station Open House

Thanks for joining us last week at TLS Open House (Photos)

Join us again on Friday, August 4, 2023

TLS Open House is held each summer from 1-5 pm. The event is free; if raining, the Open House is canceled.

TLS Open House is an opportunity to get a first-hand look at what research is going on at the station this summer, as well as meet the scientists and students conducting it!

This years’ activities for visitors to the station include meeting some of the fish that call Wisconsin’s northern lakes home, learning to tell invasive species from natives, and talking with scientists about the state of Wisconsin lakes and our role in keeping them healthy for future generations.

A young open house visitor creates aquatic art

We will have aquatic-themed crafts, an art exhibition of material produced by the station’s annual “Artists in Residence,” and free ice-cream treats!

Scientists at the the CFL conduct research all over the world, exchanging knowledge and helping to solve global environmental problems.

Open house visitors watch as fish are sampled using Fyke nets

With TLS staff and student researchers available, guests are able to learn about what it means when a tree is bendy, how to build a battery from bog water, what that giant buoy on Trout does, how to pinpoint zooplankton under the scope, why aquatic hitchhikers must be stopped and how to identify fish and aquatic plants.

Interactive Northwoods Lake Scavenger Hunt

Access the virtual scavenger hunt at

  • Travel to 6 beautiful lakes or play from home!
  • Learn about current research.
  • Answer questions about local wildlife.
  • Search for unique plants.
  • Work solo or as a team.