Community Relations

Can I bring my class for a field trip? While we do host some class field trips, our primary focus is research. Please contact Gretchen Gerrish with your information and what kind of experience you were hoping for in the field trip.

Is Trout Lake Station associated with the DNR?
No. We are part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Limnology. We do collaborate with the DNR in research and conservation efforts.

Are speakers available for my lake association’s or civic group’s meeting? Yes. Please contact the station to schedule a research specialist to visit.

Can you answer questions about my lake? We perform a broad range of research across many lakes in the Northern Highland Lakes District. While we welcome questions, not all lakes have been studied extensively. We will answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.

Can you help identify the aquatic plants or animals in my lake? Certainly, we have many specialists available to identify any species brought in to our station.