Conduct Research

Researchers interested in working at Trout Lake Station will find extensive field and laboratory equipment available for general use. Researchers should contact Gretchen Gerrish to discuss research needs.

Equipment on Station

Our laboratories are equipped with fume hoods, two systems to provide high-quality purified water suitable for chemical sample processing, drying ovens, a muffle furnace, balances, a spectrophotometer, fluorometer, gas chromatographs configured for greenhouse gas analysis, and a liquid scintillation counter.

We have 6 dissecting and 2 compound microscope stations. Two dissecting scopes are equipped with a digital camera and computerized measurement and counting system. A Zeiss inverted microscope is equipped for epifluorescence.

In addition, a wide variety of other analytical equipment is available on the Madison campus.For further information, contact Gretchen Gerrish.

Outside Equipment
The laboratory has a series of large fiberglass holding tanks. Portable generators and pumps allow the use of holding tanks at remote sites throughout the region.

We have 18  14-18 foot boats, 5 baby Jon boats(under 12 feet), 4 canoes and a kayak for research and recreational use. Life jackets and seat cushions are available for all researchers while on station.

In addition to the boats on station we have boats at our LTER bogs (Trout, Crystal, and Sparkling) that can be used when LTER is not sampling.

SCUBA Equipment
Trout Lake Station has BC’s and regulators to borrow. Each user is responsible for re-filling tanks. Wet suits, masks, snorkels and fins need to be supplied by individual projects. There are some general use wet suits and gear available for occasional use. All divers must compile with the Center for Limnology SCUBA protocols. 

Complete list of available SCUBA gear. Sign out in the SCUBA room.

General Use Equipment
Standard power tools are available for use for constructing or modifying research gear.

There is a steam cleaner on station for cleaning gear and boats between lakes to prevent the spread of invasive species.

There are some general use equipment available for occasional use. Dissecting kits are located in several of the labs. See googlesheet for items available for sign-out and short term use.

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