Tim Meinke Retires

This year we also said goodbye to jack-of-all-trades, Tim Meinke, at TLS. We checked in with Tim in the early days of his retirement.

After 34 years with the CFL, what do you do now?
I’ve little fear of being bored between making music, messing with gadgets and continuing the adventure travel I’ve had with my brothers. But, at the risk of sounding mundane, lately I’ve been filling a hole that developed in my working life – rolling over and smiling after disarming my morning alarm.

Is there an accomplishment you’re particularly proud of?
I always enjoyed solving puzzles that came with integrating diverse sensors on buoys, and the issue usually came down to available power. In my last years and with all the improvements in solar technology, Noah Lottig, Dave Harring and I assembled the MegaBuoy, also affectionately known as Buoy McBuoyFace. It is a great powerhouse and built to outlast all buoys before it; I’d be proud to see it outlive me.

In your own words, what was your job at TLS?
In many ways, my job reminded me of a very old cereal commercial. When something new came around, they said, “Let Meinke try it, he likes everything.” They were right and I became the first in-house web guy, the buoy guy, the isotope guy and caretaker of most of the analytical instruments. Only later did they discover their predicament – I was actually useful!