Photos From The Field 2021

Every year, the CFL students, both at Hasler Lab and Trout Lake Station, get out on Wisconsin waters for all sorts of cool fieldwork. Here are some of our favorite pics from 2021.

UW-Madison undergrad, J Sturim gets ready to launch her canoe for a day of collecting data on northern Wisconsin waters. Photo: Cassie Gauthier
UW-Madison undergrads, Emma Donohue (back) and Kendi Aaron (front), spent the summer sampling water quality and greenhouse gas emissions from stormwater ponds around Dane County, Wisconsin. Photo: Adrianna Gorsky


Night falls on Sparkling Lake as UW-Madison undergrad Cory Vines holds a computer display of data he and CFL grad student, David Ortiz, are collecting with “FLAMe,” a CFL-built, real-time water monitoring system. Photo: Cassie Gauthier