Mike Pecore Retires

by Susan Knight, Limnology News – Number 25, Fall 2016

Mike PecoreMike Pecore started at the CFL in 1987. Mike’s formal position description has been Facilities Repair Worker Advanced, but no job description could include everything Mike does for us at TLS. While Mike’s responsibilities include many routine tasks, his indispensability comes from his pride in TLS and his incomparable work habits. We could make a very long list of everything Mike does, but the bottom line is that he sees what needs to be done, and he simply does it, including the most mundane and unsavory tasks. Mike always has a plan as to what he will be doing once he finishes the current task, with no one else’s suggestion or even recognition. He anticipates what will be needed not only for the day, but for the upcoming weeks and seasons.

While his specific tasks may not seem grand, Mike’s pride in the appearance of the station and concern that everything be right, and not just merely “done”, is what sets him apart. If we took a poll at the lab, I have no doubt that he would be the one the year-round staff is happiest to see in the morning. His friendliness and steadiness creates a calm and an “all-is right-with-the-world” feeling in the lab. I am not sure how we will manage without Mike, but no one is more deserving of a long and happy retirement. So long Mike!