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Trout Lake Station News * Summer 2022

Undergrads Olivia Nyffeler and Kailee Berge sampling fish on McDermott Lake. Photo: Cassie Gauthier
Undergrads Olivia Nyffeler and Kailee Berge sampling fish on McDermott Lake. Photo: Cassie Gauthier

Trout Lake Station Newsletter COMING SOON

  • From the Director Gretchen Gerrish
  • Drawing Water: Art and Science Mentoring
  • Timing is Everything, Especially to The Team of Researchers Studying our Changing Northwoods Lakes
  • Gillum Award for Outstanding Graduate Achievement
  • Overnight Delivery: Thousands of Fish Hand-Delivered to Lakes in Attempt to Restore a Native Species
  • Life on Station – from research, to outreach, to relaxation
  • Memories of Carl Bowser and His Contributions to Limnology
  • Hello, Goodbye – Amber Mrnak, John Vehrs and brank new TLS Sign
  • Support: We are excited to announce the creation of the new “Trout Lake Station Fund.” Donations to the fund will go directly to TLS to help improve our facilities and support our mission of freshwater research, undergraduate training and public outreach. Individual donors make a BIG difference by funding summer internships, innovative Northwoods research projects and more. Please consider making a gift to Trout Lake Station.
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