Kaeser Scholar

William V. Kaeser

William (Bill) Kaeser (1906-1995) was the architect for Hasler Laboratory of Limnology. Mr. Kaeser’s initial 1984 contribution would be the nucleus for an endowment that would finance a lectureship in his honor. A Kaeser Brochure paying tribute to Mr. Kaeser aided in gathering support through contributions and bequests from interested alumni and friends including corporations and foundations. The sole purpose of the fund would be to aid the CFL in its teaching, research and public service roles with the full legal name of the William V. Kaeser Visiting Scholar Fund. CFL graduate students and post docs select, invite and schedule Kaeser scholars; allowing for a wide range of scientific interests to share in the decision making process.  See below for list of past Kaeser Scholars.


2019 Kaeser Scholar Karin Krchnak, Program Manager 2030 WRG:  “As an environmental lawyer, Ms. Krchnak has worked to improve policies and procedures related to environmental management and resource conservation worldwide for over twenty-five years. Ms. Krchnak was appointed Program Manager of the 2030 Water Resources Group (2030 WRG) at the beginning of January. In working to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal on Water, Ms. Krchnak leads 2030 WRG in creating the wider political economy conditions and momentum for change in water reform. Her focus is on building multi-stakeholder platforms to mobilize the private sector, government, civil society, bilateral agencies, and development banks to work collectively in accelerating progress towards national water security through the design and implementation of comprehensive set of policies, programs and projects in countries across the globe.” Ms. Krchnak will be Kaeser speaker at Weekly Seminar on March 27 at noon, Water Science and Engineering Lab, 660 N. Park St, Madison.

Mark Hay (1991)

Gene Likens (1991)

Carol Folt (1992)

Kai Lee (1996)

Nancy Grimm (1998)

Jim Elser (2011)