Welcome to Trout Lake Station - UW Center for Limnology

Trout Lake Station
(TLS) is a year-round field station operated by the Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Located in the Northern Highland Lake District in northern Wisconsin, the station provides access to a wide variety of aquatic ecosystems and their surrounding landscapes.  More than 2500 lakes are within 50km of the station.  


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If interested in doing research at Trout Lake Field Station please contact Susan Knight, Station Interim Director or call at 715-356-9494

General Contact Information:
UW Trout Lake Station
3110 Trout Lake Station Dr.
Boulder Junction, WI  54512
Phone:  715-356-9494
Fax:  715-356-6866
email:  tls@limnology.wisc.edu

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