Welcome to the McIntyre Group

Ecology and Conservation at the Animal-Ecosystem Interface

Peter B. McIntyre, Ph.D.
UW Center for Limnology
680 North Park Street
Madison WI 53706-1413

Our research team addresses ecology and conservation in rivers and lakes around the world with a focus on the organism-ecosystem interface. We study the many ways in which animals affect ecosystem productivity and nutrient dynamics, and conversely how ecosystem structure and functioning influence the diversity and ecology of animals. To understand these reciprocal relationships, we combine intensive field research with cutting-edge tools from environmental chemistry (stable isotopes, trace elements, nutrient analysis, ecosystem metabolism). Our work aims to reveal fundamental patterns and processes in aquatic ecosystems, but also to inform environmental management and policy. Along the way, we contribute to the discovery of new species and global-scale patterns of biodiversity, and work with collaborators to understand the role of ecological traits in speciation.

Most of our work involves freshwater fishes. Current field projects include the ecosystem-level significance of massive breeding migrations of native fishes from the Great Lakes into tributaries, the role of the spectacular fishes of Africa's Lake Tanganyika in supporting nearshore productivity, and the dispersal and conservation of stream gobies in the Hawaiian archipelago. We are also deeply involved in synthesis projects on biodiversity in large lakes, global freshwater fisheries, Great Lakes restoration priorities, global threats to river ecosystems, and nutrient recycling by aquatic animals.

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