Jereme W Gaeta, Ph.D.


I am a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Wisconsin - Madison’s Center For Limnology in the Vander Zanden laboratory group. Broadly, I am interested in anthropogenic stressors on ecosystems and the ecosystem services they provide. My thesis work with Dr. Stephen Carpenter at the Center For Limnology focused on direct (e.g, angling and habitat alteration) and indirect (e.g., climate change, invasive species, and land-use change) anthropogenic effects on aquatic ecosystems, aquatic food webs, and fisheries. The focus of my post-doctoral work is to investigate climate change and the resilience of sport fisheries in northern Wisconsin lakes. I am interested in pursuing ecological research that uses theory to confront applied issues with an emphasis on global stressors that destabilize local systems.

Above: The calm after the storm on Sparkling Lake, northern Wisconsin

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Center For Limnology

University of Wisconsin - Madison