Emily Stanley’s temporary web page

Hello- I’m in the process of rebuilding after the untimely demise of my prior web page. A more complete page should be available soon. Meanwhile, here are a few pieces of information.

Our research group investigates biogeochemistry and ecosystem processes in streams and lakes, and how they are affected by human and physical drivers. This involves a variety of field-based approaches as well as computational limnology to address questions about pattern and process of inland waters. Current projects in our group include studies of large-scale (regional to continental) and long-term N, and P patterns in lakes, investigating spatial heterogeneity in lake water chemistry, and understanding primary production and methane dynamics in human-dominated streams. All of these ongoing projects rely on productive and enjoyable collaborations.

I anticipate graduate opportunities for fall 2017 associated with the StreamPulse metabolism project (see http://pulseofstreams.weebly.com/) and with our recently-funded project “A macrosystems ecology framework for continental-scale prediction and understanding of lakes”. The web page for this project is also¬† under construction, but for a bit of background, you can check out http://csi-limnology.org/ - the preceding study that inspired this larger, more ambitious effort.

More information about our efforts and the UW limnologists leading these studies is available on their web pages that can be discovered via http://limnology.wisc.edu

Lead researchers (in alphabetical order) are: Vince Butitta, Sarah Collins, Jess Corman, Luke Loken, Samantha Oliver, Paul Schramm

For more information about publications, you can visit my google scholar page: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=S6UR-pkAAAAJ&hl=en