Graduate opportunities

I anticipate openings for 2 graduate students in our group. Opportunities are available in association with the StreamPulse project, and our new project, "A macrosystems ecology framework for continental-scale prediction and understanding of lakes." For both projects, students will be part of a large, collaborative, multi-university group of researchers and will need to have, or be willing to develop quantitative skills needed for working with large, complex environmental data sets. If you're interested, send me an email!

Our book is out! See "The Freshwater Blog Interview"

At long last- pleased to announce the publishing of "Stream Ecosystems in a Changing Environment, editeby by J.B. Jones and E.H. Stanley. e-copies and hard copies can be purchased at

And- a blog interview about the book- via The Freshwater Blog

Congrats to Luke and to Jess

It was a good week- Luke Loken passed his prelims on Tuesday and is now officially a dissertator. And Jess Corman received a grant from the UW Globah Health Institute to begin a study investigating consequences of changing water quality of Lake Victoria on womens health.

(Super)FLAMe On

We're excited to have the opportunity to advance the FLAMe (Crawford et al. 2015) technology through a UW2020 award. This will involve a collaboration among researchers and engineers at the Center for Limnology, the Physical Sciences Lab, and Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences

Mapping CO2 and CH4 (and a bunch of other things) on the Upper Mississippi

John Crawford's paper on CO2 and CH4 in the Upper Mississippi is now posted on the Geophysical Research Letters web page-- the first round of results from FLAMe-ing the Upper Miss by John and Luke Loken

Welcome Paul Schramm

Paul is now on board as project manager for our StreamPulse project and will also continue to be involved with FLAMe-based research and help us keep things moving forward.