Kaeser Scholar

William (Bill) Kaeser (1906-1995) was the architect for Hasler Laboratory of Limnology.  Mr. Kaeser's  initial 1984 contribution would be the nucleus for an endowment that would finance a lectureship in his honor. A brochure paying tribute to Mr. Kaeser aided in gathering support through contributions and bequests from interested alumni and friends including corporations and foundations. The sole purpose of the fund would be to aid the CFL in its teaching, research and public service roles with the full legal name of the William V. Kaeser Visiting Scholar Fund. CFL graduate students and post docs select, invite and schedule Kaeser scholars; allowing for a wide range of scientific interests to share in the decision making process.

 Stephen Carpenter (1987)
Roy Stein (1993)
Carl Folke (2002)
Jim Elser (2011) ASU/Flathead
 Mary Power (1990)
C.S. (Buzz) Holling (1994)
Stuart Fisher (2003)
John Downing (2012)
 Carl Walters (1991)
Bob Naiman (1995)
Hugh Possingham (2004)
Peter Kareiva (2013)
 Mark Hay (1991)
Kai Lee (1996)
LeRoy Poff (2005)
Patricia Soranno (2013)
 Gene Likens (1991)
Peter Vitousek (1997)
Carl Walters (2006)
Stephanie Hampton (2014)
 Carol Folt (1992)
Nancy Grimm (1998)
David Strayer (2007)
Emma Rosi-Marshall (2015)
 David Hamilton (1992)
Peter Moyle (1999) Marc Mangel (2008)
Heather Tallis (2016)
 David Schindler (1991)
George Kling (2000)
Jim Collins (2009)

 Craig Williamson (1993)
Simon Levin (2001)
Ray Hilborn (2010)