Click HERE to see full description of Dr. Amina Pollard's Lecture & Career talks, Wed and Thur, March 15 & 16, 2017 starting at noon.

Weekly seminars offer topical information for interested students, faculty and staff. If you are in the Boulder Junction area in the summer, stop in at Trout Lake Station for Wednesday seminars.


This seminar series is part of the course Zoology 911.  Seminars are held Wednesdays at noon in 102 Water Science and Engr. Laboratory (WSEL); exceptions will be indicated on the schedule.  Speakers are affiliated with the University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology unless noted.

Not able to attend the CFL in person? Feel free to view join through zoom using the following link:  Please mute your microphone so we don't hear you typing.

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Jan 25
Adam Hinterthuer
When facts aren't enough: How the CFL can engage more people with our science
Feb 1
Lars Rudstam
Ecological forecasting: Examples from Oneida Lake New York
Feb 8
Dr. Meredith Holgerson, Limnology Faculty Search Candidate
From organisms to ecosystems: A multi-scale approach to aquatic science and conservation
Feb 15
Jake Walsh
An invasion-induced refocusing of the challenges facing Lake Mendota
Feb 22
Dr. David Seekell, Limnology Faculty Search Candidate
How many lakes are there and how big are they?

March 1
John Crawford
Intraspecific variation in resource use and dormancy investment in Daphnia pulicaria.
March 8
Dr. Hilary Dugan, Limnology Faculty Search Candidate
Big limnology through ecological informatics. From Wisconsin to the world
March 15
Amina Pollard
March 22
Spring Break
No Seminar
March 29
April 5
Luke Loken
Spatiotemporal variability of carbon dioxide and methane in Lake Mendota
April 12
Mike Spear
The zebra mussel: Madison's newest resident
April 19
Rob Mooney & John Rodstrom
Rob's title: Spatial and temporal variation in nutrient concentrations of Lake Michigan's tributaries; John's title: TBA
April 26
Julia Hart
Carbon dynamics inform methane patterns in eutrophic Lake Mendota
May 3
Sam Oliver
Differential retention of nitrogen and phosphorus in lakes