Fish Fry Day: Video Explains Earbones

Just thought we’d share this excellent little animation explaining what an otolith is and what one can tell fisheries researchers. Credit goes to the folks at “From Reefs to Rivers,” Florida’s Fisheries blog for this little tidbit of science communication.

We here at the CFL use otoliths for lots of research, especially on freshwater fish migrations.

Tracking Northern Pike in Green Bay

CFL grad student, Dan Oele, is trying to see if pike return to their “birthplace” to spawn or if any ol’ tributary will do. Thanks to funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Oele is out in Green Bay working on an answer. Watch (or read) below:

GREEN BAY — It’s the second day of April and Dan Oele is cruising the tributaries of Green Bay on the hunt for northern pike. Continue reading