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Video: Going Global with Freshwater Science

“Okay, now we’re going to do a little role playing,” the moderator announced to the room. “We need a customer and a shopkeeper, would anyone like to read a script?” After a little coercion, two reluctant thespians assumed their roles … Continue reading

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Spring Blitz! Global Collaboration Gets to the Bottom of Plankton Diversity

As spring moves to summer, an unprecedented scientific collaboration is sending researchers around the globe scrambling into their boats and simultaneously heading out onto the world’s lakes. It’s called “Spring Blitz,” and, from Wisconsin to Florida to Switzerland, scientists are … Continue reading

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Lake Life Ramping Back Up, Clear Water Phase on Its Way

A trip out sampling on Lake Mendota this morning yielded a robust catch of the zooplankton (tiny animal), Daphnia, a miniscule, yet voracious crustacean that goes to town on phytoplankton (tiny plant) populations that are blooming throughout the upper reaches … Continue reading

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