In 2014, the Center for Limnology and UW-Madison's Art Department received funding to foster collaboration between artists and scientists as they explored long-term ecological change in our world.

Artists showing at Hasler Laboratory:

There is a small space in open stairway at the Center for Limnology's Hasler Lab (680 N. Park Street, Madison) where we welcome local artists to show their art - must be water, lake shore, fish, stream, environment, etc. related. The space is rather small and currently does not support (literally) framed art work. Artists are featured on this website as well as interviewed and featured on the CFL Blog.  If you are interested, please schedule a day/time to come to the lab to see the space.  Contact Kelly at  

Quiet Morning
Wisconsin River

Woody Osborne

May 2017

Sinuous Sand
Willow Flowage




Jeremiah Zuba, Cyanotype Prints

April 2017




    Sarah Stankey, Photography

                February 2017




   J. Leigh Garcia, Printmaker

              January 2017