Trout Lake Station is open year round. Permanent staff include (click name for email and picture for individual webpage where available):

 Michael Coakley  Michael Coakley, Facilities Repair
Pam Fashingbauer Pam Fashingbauer, Station Coordinator
Susan Knight Susan Knight, Ph.D., Associate Scientist and Interim Director of Trout Lake Station
   Tim Kratz, Ph.D., Distinguished Scientist and Director of Trout Lake Station, Currently  on assignment at NSF
Noah Lottig Noah Lottig, Ph.D., Assistant Scientist
Tim Meinke Tim Meinke, LTER Sr. Assistant Researcher
Pam Montz Pam Montz, LTER Sr. Assistant Researcher

Jeff Rubsam, Research Assistant, UW and DNR
John Vehrs John Vehrs, Advanced Facilities Maintenance Specialist 
Carol Warden Carol Warden, Aquatic Invasive Specialist
Carl Watras Carl Watras, Ph.D., DNR Research Scientist